“I’ve given thought lately to expose some of my secrets of being a man. Are there secrets to being a man? Of course, if not you’d see many more, just kidding fellows. It has taken many years to compile my most treasured antidotes, beliefs, and truths about being a man. Over 40 years of experiences with couples, single women, single men and elders has equipped me with an array of information. I am not speaking about the inner gulf of a woman’s soul but what makes a man. These revelations will be weekly as my noted “Thought of the Week.” What’s different you ask? All of the information will be of my experiences and knowledge of what being a man is all about.” Unless other men are willing to share.

“Knowledge of a Man.”

“No matter the endless debate of what makes a successful relationship, one thing for sure. A woman desires a stronger man than herself. If you’re not strong she’s the first to know. She knows others speak privately about it and cringes at the thought of the information going public.”