“According to the book Molecular Biology of the Cell:
Humans can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells (odorants), which are detected by specialized olfactory receptor neurons lining the nose…. It is thought that there are hundreds of different olfactory receptors, each encoded by a different gene and each recognizing different odorants. “

“Men’s Cologne.”

There are some amazing things that happen when you wear good cologne. Research studies continue to show that men and women fragrances can indeed trigger human pheromones, which can chemically increase sexual attraction. So wearing cologne isn’t a bad thing at all. However, if not put on correctly it can be a disaster. Some men haven’t a clue about style let alone about cologne. The macho-men still thinks that if they just show they’ll be the star of the show. Not. Women love fragrance and a man with the proper cologne is always most noticeable. If a man comes in a room finely dressed with proper fragrance, she takes notice, as you would with a beautiful woman finely scented. However, for all you unsecured men it doesn’t means she wants to go home with him it’s just a compliment to a person who seemly cares about the way they look and smell. Some men don’t like to wear cologne and some women don’t like to smell them. This article isn’t for them. This is for men who would like to know wear to shop and what to shop for.

Where not to shop for men cologne?

Flea markets, pawn shops and out the trunk of a car. Like anything the good stuff is sold in the good stores, Macy’s (Formerly Marshall Fields,) Nordstrom, Carson, and Lord’s and Taylor are recommended stores. Some men believe that all cologne smell alike sorry not true. Women and can tell great smelling cologne. If your fragrance is unique then it’ll stand out, if purchased from “little Ricky” at the barber shop then well you’re cheap and so is your smell. Cologne is made out of a blend of extracts, alcohol and water just like Perfume, only with a different ratio of extracts. Women make up about eighty percent of all the sales of men’s cologne today, and they can’t all be giving it to their boyfriends and husbands, so that must mean that they are wearing it themselves. After all, cologne is just a slightly different blend of ingredients than its illustrious partner the perfume. Women know what smells good.

I shop for my own cologne as well as gifts from my wife. If a woman gives you cologne as a gift wear it. Do not say you don’t like it, you’re being immature. She has gone through the trouble of shopping for the prefect smell and you toss it aside, bad move. Men who haven’t been stylish conscience are the hardest to get to change when it comes to fashion. They believe that whatever they had to get the woman umpteen years ago still works. Stylish-challenged men become resentful when their women try to encourage a walk into the 21st century of culture. Some men even hang around other stylish-challenged bores as confirmation of their stylish-challenged commitment. I’m not an expertise on relationship but women love style. Shop at great stores for great cologne. “Know this.”


What cologne to buy? Coming soon. .