Jampolsky (1999) defined “addictive behavior” as the behavior as the compulsive search for happiness (Completeness) outside oneself, despite the fact that contentment is elusive. Addictive individuals want power, but attempt to gain it by avoiding their weakness; they want courage, but try to gain it by denying their fears; they want joy, but feel the need to bury their hurt…

“Little do they know (Men) realize that true wholeness can only be experienced until one accepts that they are multi-dimensional courageous as well as fearful; weak as well as powerful; possessors of masculine traits and feminine traits.” Dexter R. Freemen

“I’ve come to an understanding I’m not everything on every subject. In some areas I have tremendous strength and in others I need to pass. The journey of wholeness for me is to have peace in every facet of my existence. I do not need a title to make me complete. Money, material gains or public recognition doesn’t comfort me, only the love I give and accept gives me a true smile. If you’re in a loop of dissatisfaction with your journey look in the mirror. Stop blaming everyone around you. If you think that if everyone would just listen to your plan and follow your lead you’ll be happy—you’re misguided. That is the desire for power and importunely the power over others. A man must know he himself is responsible for his happiness. Not his bank account, his wife, occupation and other worldly endeavors.

Men, learn to cry; learn to feel empathy for others regardless of their perils. We as men hold much to much inside; believing that demonstrating certain emotions like crying is synonymous with weakness. This can’t be further from the truth. It is your understanding and your demonstration of your spiritual duality that is courageous. To know you possess the ability and understanding to be both, powerful and fearful, to give love and to receive love. Great Spirits shine for all to see, and people will want what you have, if it’s true. If you want out of your loop of pain, hurt and life’s constant disappointments check your behavior and the way you really think about yourself and others. Do some soul searching; find your path inside your heart. Stop blaming the world and learn what life is really about.”