I’ll be reading a book a month and if anyone would care to join please. I selected this title as the inaugural book to start an online book club. If any of you have a selection email or post.

James Hillman, The Soul’s Code

( Warner Books, 1997 )
Some call it “genius.” Others have named it “spirit,” “daimon,” and even “guardian angel.” But while philosophers and psychologists from Plato to Jung emphasized the fundamental essence of our individuality, our modern culture refuses to accept that a unique, formed soul is within us from birth, shaping as much as it is shaped. Now in this extraordinary bestseller, James Hillman presents a brilliant new vision of our selves not defined by family relationships or the mentality of victimization. Drawing on the biographies of such disparate people as Ella Fitzgerald and Mohandas K. Gandhi, Hillman argues that character is fate and shows how the soul, if given the opportunity, can assert itself even at an early age. The result is a powerful road map to understanding our true nature and discovering an eye-opening array of choices — from the way we raise our children to our social and personal commitments and achieving excellence in our time.