Dear, Daron, Shaniqua and Ariel Williams

You need nothing outside of you to be happy—no person, place or thing—true happiness is found within. You are sufficient unto yourself. Failure is make believe, or fiction, everything you try is a success, every effort is what achieves the victory, with the first attempt no less honorable than the last. You’re not separate from life; you are One with all people. You are never separated from God no matter what others may say or think.

God do not require anything of you to be eligible for a life of dignity and fulfillment, you don’t have to compete with anyone for anything. God’s blessings are meant for everyone. God would never condemn anyone, let alone you. You need not worry about getting it right, you do not have to change anything, or “Get better,” to be seen as perfect and beautiful in the eyes of God. You will never be judged by God, no matter what others may say or think.

There are no conditions to love; you need not worry about ever losing our love, or God’s love. Your love unconditionally shared, is the greatest gift that you could give to the world. You are special, however special doesn’t mean better. Claiming superiority over someone is not seeing them for Who They Really Are, it is a great healing affect in acknowledging “mine is not a better way, mine is merely another way. There is no person better or worse, we are all One, no matter what others may say or think.

There is nothing you cannot do. All you’ll every need is to know “Who You Really Are.” We believe this and will demonstrate this with our own lives. For we know it is what we do that you’ll emulate and not what we say.

Remember Who You Are.

God is never finish.

With anything including you.

You are what God is. And since God is not

Finish, God cannot possibly be finish with you.

God is a Process.

Your parents,

Robert & Debra Williams