For the bros and broettes,

“Nothing you do is a failure but merely part of the process you have undergone to achieve what you are seeking to achieve, and to experience what you are seeking to experience. What you are seeking is that which you are. You cannot experience that which you are in the absence of that which you are not. The way to step outside of the Illusion of Failure is to simply see everything as a part of your success. All things lead to your success, produce your success, are part of the process by which you experience your success. There is no such thing as failure. There is only success, manifesting in its many aspects. There is also no such thing as that which is not God. There is only God, manifesting in its many aspects…

The illusion of Condemnation may be used to experience the fact that you are deserving of nothing but praise. This is something that you cannot fathom, for you live so deeply within the Illusion of Condemnation. The illusion also is your announcement that you, and God, can be damaged. This is not true. You have created an alternate reality in which damage is possible, and Condemnation is proof of it. To repeat, the idea that you, or God, can be damaged is an illusion. If God is the All In All (and I am), and if God is the Most Powerful (and I am), and if God is the Supreme Being (It is true) then God is incapable of being hurt or damaged. And if you’re made in the image and likeness of God (and you are), then you cannot be hurt or damaged either.”

Communion with God
Neale Donald Walsch.

Love always,