Fear and Guilt

Fear and Guilt are the only destructive entities of humans. Mostly all of our decisions are made with these two thoughts lurking in our mind. Some of us will live, breathe and die with these two forces concerning their every decision. Fear and guilt have been a part of our lives since we could remember. Our parents told us to fear them and God. And we did. We were not given the freedom to choose certain behavior without retribution from our loved one. We were told, “If you don’t do what I say, (Slavery) I‘ll beat your ass.” Fear was disguised by words like Love, “If you love that boy you’d spank his ass,” punishment becomes a form of love.” Some believe its Godly to whip your child bottom for misbehaving. As a matter of belief, “Spare the rod spoils the child.” They even convince the child they God is behind the torture. “I’m only doing this to save you from the devil.” The convincing that God would punish us for certain behavior hasn’t left the psyche as an adult also. Religion reinforces that God is easily angered, easily made jealous and at a whim we’ll disassociate his love from you, for the slightest transgression. Again, love and punishment is somehow made to be synonymous. If you love God you’ll allow yourself to be punish for your misbehaving, this somehow will please God. Your pain will somehow please God?

You start to live with the guilt that you somehow have not lived up to your parents’ or God’s expectations or afraid that you can’t. As matter of enlightenment you have been told you can’t satisfy God. You were born sinful or bad. That somehow one act could deny you God’s love. The belief that God has an agenda in your life takes over. Even when some become religiously incline they can’t rid themselves of the guilt of past, present and future sins. They still believe God will punish if we fall short of his expectations. The guilt eats at them every day, although your life is guided by religious principles, you don’t feel good. Judgment day could be a toss-up for you; it all depends on how this unstable God looks at your life. Your every decision becomes a decision based around fear and guilt. Your life has become nothing but a holding pattern until this judgment day. Since we believe that God will not love us under certain conditions, or that she does love us but she’ll still give you the fire if she is displeased with your human transgressions. That has to be scary. Fear is the only thing you can have, because it’s reinforced by the stories about God. Do wrong and God will punish. You have been given freedom of choice some will say by God, how it could be freedom of choice, if it can be a wrong choice involved. The word freedom means without retribution. “You are free to choose your path without judgment or punishment.” My words to my children; and God’s words to me.

God doesn’t punish no matter what some may have us believe. If God is All-Love (and he is) how could he punish himself? We were created by a perfect God, a God who cannot judge himself, because what would his judgment agenda be, “That I am not perfect.” Our lives are ours to live and choose freely and not have the fear or guilt that we can upset God. God has no need for emotions like anger, hate, disassociation, separation and inequality. These are the illusions of men concerning God. “God Is What She Is.” She is the Alpha and the Omega. She is the Beginning and the End. When you start to learn who you are in reference to God you’ll become free of the strangle holds of Fear and Guilt. When you start to believe, “Are ye not Gods?” and take your place along side God wherever you are, you’ll be One with God that very moment as you always have. Happiness is a decision, not an experience. Your Joy is in you, that’s God’s only agenda, “Know Who You Are, and Who You Can Be.” You cannot be discarded from God’s love. Release the chains that are holding you back from your freedom, from you bliss, from you happiness, from you Godly joy.

God doesn’t separate his love. God cannot do this. He shall never forsake you. Inside you there’s a feeling in your gut telling you what God is, you must listen to yourself. God is Love. God will always be Love. It is no secrets or riddles you have to figure out. Listen to your feelings and your experiences, that’s God’s way of talking to you. Don’t believe that God would have you tortured on earth or after your life ends here. You will return to your creator, it’s as simple as that. There has never been anything you could do for God. He has everything and is everything. God would have you to “Love Yourself.” God would have you “To Know Yourself.” God would, have you to “Know Who You Can Be.” You have never been cast out from God’s love. You don’t have to do anything to return to the Lord. The Lord and you are One and have always being this, before you ever set foot on earth. Don’t allow other people views of God distort what you feel inside. Let Heaven ring inside of you, you decide that. Remember, “Happiness is a Decision.”

Don’t be afraid to ask God to show you the light, to show you understanding, even if it goes against everything your parents have told you. Don’t be afraid to question long held beliefs, God is not a God of separation, and neither are you. We are all One. Challenge yourself for truth not popularity, because the truth about God is neither popular nor easy for this world, and so neither will you be. “Be of this World but Not in it.”

Love always,