I would like to talk about a few verses in the Bible. Although I use the Bible for this message I do not practice Christianity in the worldly form. In other words, I am not a practicing Christian by the definition of Christianity by man. I do attest nothing is bad about Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any other religion. It is what it is. I am not claiming to have the only way to enlightenment about Godliness. My way is just another way to the Kingdom. I am not human or spiritually a judger of men, each one of us comes from God. And God cannot judge herself. With that said let’s begin this short but powerful lesson or discussion about “God Help Us. That Our Eyes Can be Opened.”—I am just a student-teacher, who desires to become a Master.

“God Help Us. That Our Eyes Can be Opened.”

Matthew 20

30] And, behold, two blind men sitting by the way side, when they heard that Jesus passed by, cried out, saying, Have mercy on us,… [32] And Jesus stood still, and called them, and said, what will ye that I shall do unto you? [33] They say unto him, Lord, that our eyes may be opened. [34] So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him.

Here’s my take:

The two men were given an opportunity seemly for anything that their hearts desired. But asked, “Open our eyes.” They did not seek riches, or new huts, job promotion or anything else. They understood heaven was within them; however they could not see it without some help. Jesus helped them with spiritual eyesight, or some would say “Their mind’s eye.” And what the two men to do with their newfound spirituality? They picked themselves up and followed, they followed because, Jesus is Love. Jesus said “I have come for lost ones.” Which is all of us.

Inside you is the kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is a decision; it is not a place with a physical address or P.O. Box number. Joy is a decision; it is not capable of being held by human hands. Bliss doesn’t materialize with worldly ingredients. No one can touch or take it away.  It’s who you are; your soul is waiting for its curtain call. You just need help to re-remember who it is That You Are. You are created by God which in turn makes you A God manifested in a human body. A body with a never-ending soul, it cannot be cast away. Stamped on your soul probably reads, “Property of GOD, if lost or stolen return to Heaven. Never to be forgotten, Never to be forsaken and Never to be cast away.” God loves you, now start loving yourself, for you are a part of an All-Loving God,  God cannot hate, despise, anger or show any other man-made emotions. No matter what others may think or say.

He doesn’t punish your transgressions. How shall you learn what God is without transgressions? Transgressions illuminate your soul. They get you to see what and who you are. If all you had was perfection, perfection would cease to exist, because that’s all there would be, perfection would cease to have a definition. You would have nothing to compare transgression with. You have nothing to compare Joy without Pains. Darkness illuminates light. Hate illuminates Love and so on. However these things are not real in our spiritual mind only in the mind of our worldly thoughts, hate, anger, separation, envy, jealousy appear real. Unchain yourself from myths and illusions. Challenge long held beliefs; challenge your unchallenged thoughts, “What God Wants and Who God Is? Ask yourself for the freedom to choose your destiny with God. There isn’t a one size fits all with spirituality. Be not afraid to think the unthinkable, that God Loves Me No Matter What and God Wants Nothing from Me. Search inside and God will reveal your bliss to you, no man holds the keys to heaven for you. Heaven isn’t a home, building or mansion now that I think about it. Heaven has an open door policy.

Heaven is inside you; go after it like a tiger after prey. Yearn for it, become restless, as a matter of fact; update your spiritual resume. Objective: To Become One With God. Salary: Eternal life. Go into the interview already knowing this job has been promised, you can’t lose. If you have no clothes go anyway, if you have no transportation go anyway, if you forget your resume go anyway. Why? Because you can’t lose. You came from the employments services of God, Inc., that company doesn’t possess a losing spirit. Victory was won as soon as you accepted Who You Were. There are no qualifications for heaven. Everyone has a ticket that says, “Admit One, No Exceptions.”

“Admit One, No Exceptions.” Your ticket is in your heart, go get it. Stop being held back by fear, guilt, past transgressions, what others may think, what other may say.  Go get your ticket, see if there’s a disclaimer on the back, I guarantee it is not. God has no reservations about Who You Are. You are sons and daughters, manifested in a fleshly form, only to realize your own greatness. This is the only reason you’re here to realize your own greatness. Rejoice that you have been given the opportunity to achieve what appears to be unachievable.  The opportunity to reunite with God. Rejoice. Fear isn’t real, you make it real, Guilt isn’t real you make it so. Everyone makes up God, your brother, mother, friends, strangers, perceived enemies, all of us make of God. All of Us. One not better then the other.

God Is Everything. Everything Is God. God doesn’t have separation, and neither can you, its impossible. Separation is a myth, We’re All One. Remove the debris from your mind’s eye, the broad of judgment, the board of condemnation of yourself as well as others. You are made in the image and likeness of God. You can do no wrong everything done is for your glory. His love is a perfect love. A love with no conditions or retributions to fear. You need not worry about losing favor. God is You and You Are God. He doesn’t punish himself. Let God love you for who you are, a part of her. God cannot separate from itself. Our parts make up the whole of God.

Join yourself back where you belong,

Re-remember Who You Are.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts on—“God Help Us See.” God has promise that his words are victory for everyone. These words are not for separation but inclusion. God is not a God of exclusion, by race, gender, sexual preference, geography location, height, weight, eye color and anything else the world could think of. She loves us all.

Know Who Are

Love always,