You desire love and respect but unwilling to give yours without preconditions.

You ask for understanding yet judge and condemn unmercifully.

Your desire to control others propel your sadness, but you‘re unaware of your self-inflicted wounds.

Love has not seen your heart and neither has others.

Fear grips all explanation of life for you, for without it who would you be.

You cannot experience what you are unwilling to express.

You support only others who encourage your thoughts of limitations, spiritual ineptness, and lack of vision.

The abyss of your pride, control, hatefulness has its roots in the description of your world and its people. You have become separated from God and humanity.

You lack knowledge of Love and Gratification and so you’re always wanting what you feel you deserve.

Generosity has a limited role in your vast ego driven life, you can’t deal with life on life’s terms, your happiness only prevail with your wishes being met.

No matter the amass of public accolades, raw materials you gather, you can’t help others, because you’re not genuine, you’re not honest. Honesty is Courage. Courage is Love.

You cannot experience what you are unwilling to express.

You hold on tight to everything, because you’re afraid it will not return if you let it go.

You’re afraid, and you express fear whenever there’s a problem. You harbor fear like a God. It is your God.

To help others with strength, help yourself with truth, To assist others in bravery assist yourself in courage and honesty. You have not achieve more than any other, you live in a world of illusions. There is not one greater than the least of us.

The true litmus test to Self-Realization is gratitude. Gratitude isn’t what you received or what you think you worked for, but–All the things you have given away.

If you can’t give Unconditional Love, you lack the basis of life. No matter what your bank account says, no matter your education, no matter the letters that are in front or behind your surname. You’re not Genuine.