“….In ethics all these religions are the same, and no new ethic is given by any. Jesus was the same as his predecessor Buddha, and both taught the law of love and forgiveness. A consideration of the religions of the past and today from a Theosophical standpoint will support and confirm ethics.

We therefore cannot introduce a new code, but we strive by looking into all religions to find a firm basis, not due to fear, favor, or injustice, for the ethics common to all. This is what Theosophy is for and what it will do. It is the reformer of religion, the unifier of diverse systems, the restorer of justice to our theory of the universe.

It is our past, our present, and our future; it is our life, our death, and our immortality.”

Points of Agreement in All Religions

By William Q. Judge

[An address delivered April 17, 1894, before the Parliament of Religions at San Francisco, CA]