Tough times don’t make or break you. (Part 1)

That’s correct, tough time don’t make or break an individual. They never had and they never will. It’s a empty statement void of substance. Tough times illuminate who you are not who you can become. Sport participation is working hard for an invisible goal. Consequently, hard works doesn’t guarantee anything either. No matter how hard we worked at the goal of becoming National Champions, it never happened. So what was it all for? The Journey. It was the Journey that reminded us each day who we were. The Journey provided us with practice techniques that train our muscle and mind to react instantly. Without thought. Without Hesitation. Without fear. In sport you remove thought, hesitation, and fear because they hinder your pursuit of the goal. Whether that goal is to score a basket in a crucial moment, or to throw the winning touchdown with no seconds on the clock. Thorough constant practice and real game situations are these skills built up to supernatural talents. You know you’re going to make the play. Your teammates know you’re going to make the play. The fans know, the concession workers knows it, everyone knows it.

Now what happens when you don’t.

Tough Life’s situations are those that don’t go as plan or as expected. Unlike a sport contest life’s situation can suffocate a person. Circumstances of life that are so debilitating you think you can’t survive them. Some of us don’t, some of us do. Losing parents, children, jobs, money, freedom and a host of life situations leave lives in ruins. Many books, DVD’s and videos are sold offering help in dealing with life’s situations. Some I’ve read some I haven’t. My practice analogy, family, spiritual leaders, and a small group of friends helped me to begin to deal with life’s situations better. I for a long time couldn’t cope in moments that were debilitating. Life’s situations would paralyze me with fear, anxiety, frustration and the worst symptoms of all–“Repetitive Thinking.” I’ll get back to that later.

Practice in sport builds unbelievable consciousness of faith. You believe your goal is accomplish before you take the field. Support with good teammates, coaches and a willingness to work hard, you think you can not only win the game, but date the whole damn cheerleader squad. That kind of support secures your faith in game situations. It develop a high consciousness of faith void of thought. You don’t even think about the ‘What if’s.’ Thought removed from your psychic, removed from your preparation and conversation. You have unshakable faith.

Alert!!! Life is not a game.

To be continue…

“Happy Holidays, Damn it.”