True Factual story. (This really happen, no b.s.)

I called my wife from prison one day as usual, same time every day, 11:00am. She told me that a person called her and asked her for some money, a male, a family friend. Now I don’t allow cats to talk directly to my wife for no reason. Just not a good business, I don’t want any confusion or misunderstanding. You need something, talk to me. Consequently, I don’t talk directly to another cats’ wife, I‘m uncomfortable with it. In the past we gave this person our love, assistance and money whenever asked if possible. If someone would say that my wife and I wasn’t a caring couple there lying. We give everything we have with no expectations in return. This person knew I was incarcerated because we gave them one of our vehicles a week before I surrendered. They knew our situation we shared it with him. My wife told me this person asked her for some money. Money! Fucking Money! I’m locked up and you ask my wife for some fucking money! Damn, that a bad moutha. Well, I immediately called this person and let him have it. We don’t have nothing, our life has just changed forever and you’re still asking us to give you something. This person hadn’t even asked her how I was during, this was 2 months into my bit. He didn’t send a letter or ask my wife if my children needed a biscuit. I’ll never forget his response, all the days of my life.

“If I knew it was going to cause this shit I wouldn’t have asked her.”

That blew me away. That was my older brother. I love him.

Who really cared?

I was incarcerated for violation of my probation in February/2008. In February of 2007, the US Secret Service had me in a electronic conversation with one of their informant. They came to my home two days before Thanksgiving and gave me the news somewhat. You see they don’t have you at first until you fill in the blanks for them. If they have you they arrest you, fuck mouse and cat games, they hook and book baby. Also, this was another case of will you cooperate with us. However, I believe this agent knew I worked alone unlike the FBI. You see the FBI never considered that I was the big fish. I didn’t worked for them in this instance also, as a result, my probation officer has to take it to the judge. Again, United States of America vs. Robert Williams. This time I didn’t let my wife come in the courtroom. I went alone. Life’s sometimes a solo act, its just you and this was that time. How much time was I going to get, didn’t know. But I knew I was going to prison. You don’t get second probation chances. I know self-righteous individuals may say, “You should have learned your lesson.” This was part of the lesson. I told you this is a 3-year journey. When I told my wife they gave me 5-months after coming out of the courthouse, She replied, “Ok,” never blinked and she never cried, at least not in front of me.

The first things you see when you come from under this viaduct in Terre Haute is this massive white structure. The U.S. Federal Penitentiary, as big as any stadium I every played in, at least it seemed like it. Under my breath I was amazed at the size of the building, damn who built something that big to house people.

The biggest thing I was concern with was my family. I had to surrender to Federal Prison camp. Terre Haute, In. June 9th 12:00pm.

Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do.

What person would help my family while I was gone? Who would have some form of compassion? Who asked Debra if my children needed a biscuit or some groceries. Not many people knew I was leaving but enough knew. These people have taken care of my family with time, compassion and God-caring Love.

Leonard & Beverly, Erica and Tiff McCall
Jay & Treveda Redmond
Al Owens for checking on your boy.
Lemetra Curry (Thank you for helping me the first time and helping
my family now.)
Al & Kathy Eggeston

My siblings and in-laws, for all their prays.

They cared about the well-being of my children and wife.
They found time to helped.
They offered help.
They sought out to help.
They made no excuses not to help.
We couldn’t have survive without their help.

God bless them.

They cared.

I received letters from these people.

Beverly McCall
Ted Coopwood
Jay Redmond
Tracey Wright
My wife and children.

Thank you dearly.

Orlando, I know when you found out you tried to get at me, thanks young brother.

….To be continue