“Money over Bitches.” Wait a second, a minute ago we were ‘Dime Pieces’ and ‘Dubs’ now we’re less than the money we’re trying to amount to.  That’s right we don’t amount to any money at all.  Ain’t it funny how we use these terms to define how much we’re worth. See we are the ones that were from down south cotton pickin and the backbone of operations of freeing slaves. Now we are holding conversations like “Hey Hoe,” What’s up Bitch.” Respect comes from within if our black men don’t see it now then when?  I know the stories about broken homes and you being left with that man in the room. Scars so deep that a bandage can’t fix. Problems so complex that psychiatrist can’t solve.  But its a new day where we can lift up ourselves and say we’ve made it.  Lets not give time to come up with the words to define black women.  Eliminate those slurs from our vocabulary and have a revolution about who we are as a ppl, not cultural but as One Love.  Break the generational curses and bury them deep. Reconstruct our way of thinking and remembering that we are Queen Cleopatra and Harriett Tubman but we must start looking within.

And that’s the peace lol.