I have a situation or at least I thought I did. See I fell in love with a beautiful man who appeared to love me with every inch he had. With the utmost trust and understanding, he stepped out on faith and asked my parents if my hand he could take? Never once did this man seem to be fake.  See here was a man I was sure had to be sent by God, he was everything I’d asked for, never a dull conversation to make me nod. To be so far apart was breaking my heart, so I picked up and moved never straying from the groove. Playing house was what we did, now that I’m looking back, still not ready to forgive. I cooked and cleaned, overlooking all the things he said that were so mean. The elders always say be careful what you ask for, because your wants and needs are two totally different things. Eventually, his light did shine and he committed the ultimate crime. He stole my heart and soul, walking away with complete and total control. The moral of my story ends with one simple question. Why couldn’t I see his mission? To manipulate and destroy, everything I had worked so hard to avoid! I have loved and lost always to be found. But not this time, with him there will never be a second go round.


Ms. Ready To Be Loved!!