I wish to extend  joy of a new year to everyone.  The holidays were especially kind to my family.  Friends invited us other for the festivities of the season.  We were delighted to spend the time with each of them.  With that spirit my hands couldn’t sit still and I wrote a poem for a dear friend.  This poem of friendship describe cause and effect moment loss.  If you feel any connection reprint and distribute as you desire.


Friend this day only exist for a moment.

Today reminds me of friendship.  The joy of union.

Great waters of earth resembles true friendship,
its vastness, its constant ebb and flow.

Streams flow through every crevice,
high and low grounds watered without prejudice.

However, strong hands do not possess her, she slips
through the cracks of the mighty.

Empty in strong hands, but inexhaustible.

God inexhaustible, proceed without prejudice
supplying growth of friendship.

I give thanks for the unconquered union
of you and I.  May it continue to be watered.

Each receiving the wisdom of growth mercifully,
only for Today.

by raw28

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