When one realizes oneself, one realizes the essential nature of

the universe. The existence of duality is only an illusion and

when the illusion is undone, the primordial unity of one’s own

nature and the nature of the universe is realized, or made real.

~Namkhai Norbu

When people know the beautiful, they understand also what is ugly.

When they learn what is good, they realize also what is evil.

In this way, being and non-being, hard and easy,

long and short, high and low allow knowing each other.

Different sounds mix and create harmony.And so the preceding and the succeeding follow each other harmoniously.

The wise prefers non-doing and lives in quietness.

Everything happens around such a person as if by itself.

He is not attached to anything on the Earth. He does not own anything made by him.

He is not proud about his works.

Since he does not exalt himself, does not boast, does not require special respect from others — he is pleasant to all.

“The Master has no attachments. No opposites. Opposites creates opinions, and judgments. She’s helps weak as well as strong. There’s no evil or good before her. Showering both equally with Love, not affected by dualities.  As the Sun; giving without expectations never requiring compensations for services. When darkness appears Sun lets go, her work done. This why her works last forever, because her surrender to darkness.  Darkness is light, she see herself in darkness. The Sun and darkness are not opposites. They are One and yet different.

Emulates nature, as nature service without prejudice, so do Master with wisdom. Teach without speaking, lead without force. Releasing everything, holding nothing for himself, expecting nothing in return. Dualities, opinions, judgments, preconditions comes from egocentric mind. Removing such thoughts one begins move to center of Tao.  In center, governing properly seeing herself in everyone, treating everyone with kindness.”

The Invisible Dragon


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