Do not lay up...treasures on earth, where moth 
and rust consume...where thieves break in and steal..
lay up treasures in heaven, where moth 
nor rust consumes...where thieves do not break in and steal.  
For where your treasure...there your heart be also.

Tao Te Ching, Verse 3

If the chosen are not exalted, no one envies them. If material treasures are not praised, no one steals them.

In other words, if the objects of passions are not shown off, there are no temptations.

The wise ruler does not create such temptations to people but takes care that people have enough food.  This eliminates passions and strengthens people’s health.

The wise ruler always strives to prevent temptations and passions and does not let evil people act.

The absence of these problems brings calm.

“Careful with high status, given or received. With appearance comes resentment. Boasting, flaunting agitate minds with covetousness. Humility never raise eyebrows of pique. Wise The Master not tempting people with worldly desires or aspirations. Accepting praise without attachments, chasing not approval, or desiring lofty position.

Cherish low appointments here you meet true self. People respects humility and follow faithfully. Great Master; servant of all, satisfying others needs before hers. Providing guidance, wisdom of Tao; achieving  contentment.”

The Invisible Dragon


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