Having realized the Self, which is soundless, intangible, formless,

un-decaying, and likewise tasteless, eternal, and odorless; having

realized That which is without beginning and end, beyond the Great,

and unchanging–one is freed from the jaws of death.

Katha Upanishad

Tao Te Ching Verse 11

Thirty spokes are united in one wheel.

But the use of wheel depends also on the space between the spokes.

Vessels are made of clay.

Yet their usefulness depends on the empty space inside them.

Buildings consist of walls, doors, windows.

Yet the building’s usefulness depends also on the space in it.

This is the relation between usefulness of objects and emptiness.

Without air in tires you have useless rubber. Walls with air filled space defines house, without it, walls crumble to ground. Interval of silence produces great melodies of song, without, one long note; unpleasant to ear. Its non-being that makes being possible. Relinquish seeing being as only definitive usefulness of creation. Realize your essence in non-being.

The space that occupies body, spirit, where God speaks to you. Silence, the language of non-beings, stay in constant communion with Tao, in silence. Practice quieting mind, connect with soundless essence and here songs of heaven. Only quiet mind and spirit does one understand true nature of self.

Master understanding usefulness of what is not, stays centered with spirit, quiescent.

The Invisible Dragon


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