When you don’t require anything from the world and nothing from

God, when you don’t desire anything, when you don’t strive for

anything, don’t expect anything, the divine will enter you, unasked

and unexpected.


Tao Te Ching Verse 12

He who sees only five colors in the world is like the blind.

He who hears only the sounds of the material world is similar to the deaf.

He who partakes only of material food and feels only its taste is deluded.

He who rushes at full speed after his prey is insane.

By accumulating wealth and adornments, people act to the detriment of themselves.

The efforts of the wise are directed at having enough food,

and not at accumulating many objects.

He, satisfied with little in the world of matter, chooses the Primordial.

What anchor hold ship? Life surrounded with illusions, unsteady course power and fame. A intense selfish desire for wealth or possessions engulf spirit of material earth. Unrest spirit constantly responding to physical world lives in state of flux.  Accomplishments, possessions never explain true nature. Swinging to and fro with winds of change, perceived imbalance produce panic and worry. Never grounded, not solid, undependable.

Sage understand balance and remain grounded in eternal Tao. Not becoming intoxicated with temporary pleasures of senses, focused, living below in physical world but above in spirit. Never more then needed, welcoming not acquisitiveness or greed. Living firm, remaining dependent in harvest and drought, never concerns with supplies. Planting seed in eternity; Tao providing all in life and death.

The Invisible Dragon