Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing,

those which average eyes would see as fixed and still.


Tao Te Ching Verse14

If you look at Tao, you cannot notice It immediately.

This is why It is called hard-to-be-seen.

If you listen to Tao, you cannot hear It immediately.

This is why It is called hard-to-be-heard.

If you try to grasp Tao, you cannot reach It.

This is why It is called hard-to-be-caught.

In Tao are Those Who fill you with delight!

All They in Tao are merged into One.

Tao is equal above and below.

Tao, infinite in size, cannot be called by the name of some of Them.

They come out from Tao manifesting

Their Individualities and then come back to the state without individual manifestation — in It.

Tao has no corporeal image and face.

Therefore, It is said of as hidden and mysterious.

Meeting Tao, I do not see Its face; following Tao, I do not see Its back.

By following strictly the primal Path of transformation of oneself as a consciousness,

one can cognizant that Eternal Origin.

This Path is the Path to Tao.

“Realizing life only from five senses leads unwise away from union with Creator. This path gives understanding of physical world through the ego, this path crowded. Visualizing beyond sight and focusing on unseen through consciousness, the Sage connects with Tao.

Seeing space he experience spiritual sight of invisible Oneness; listening to silence produces divine connection with Creator. Sage through meditation learns to connect mind with mind of eternal God at any time. This path, less traveled.

Invisible Dragon