What a night

This past Friday, my wife Debra met her (BFF) Bev for a night out in DeKalb, I thought. After a few hours she had not return home or return my calls to her cell. Unbeknown to me they driven to Rockford, a town about twenty-five miles away. After repeated unanswered calls my daughter and I trek to the store and retrieved ourselves some tasty treats.

While traveling my daughter and I noticed it was snowing. Well it was raining pretty hard a day ago, Midwest weather. Deadly combination on rural Illinois roads, rain then snow, not good. Snow removal, definitively limited by budget restraint. You drive on ice for some time before salt appears.

Roads were extremely slippery as we drove less then a quarter mile to the store. Since relocating from Chicago noticing automobiles in ditches comes with snowfall here. They go hand in hand. My wife left around seven it was now close to twelve midnight, long time even for those two. I was not worry but a little concern. The snow made the roads as anticipated unmanageable for them. Debra agreed to drive back home from Rockford and upon her arriving she told me their story.

Jesus and Tao

jesus-and-taoismDriving conditions were such she drove with hazard lights the entire way. Her face holding fear patterns from the episode. Debra was spooked. She said while trying to keep that car on the road, something happen.  Something unexplainable.

Her exact statement to me, “Someone else began to drive, I could feel it, it wasn’t me” WTF! Now in the past, I would have said that, not now, because I knew what happened. Jesus demonstrated this Taoist principle upon the cross.

Lost on the cross story for some the principle of, ‘Surrender and Acceptance.’ “Why have you forsaken me,? powerful quotation, but dramatization drowns out its effective formula. Christ’s ego, “Why me?” A natural egotistical response, “Save me, I don’t want to die.” He was fighting, fighting the moment. Although, he knew the end in the beginning, he wanted to live. Christ surely was a man on earth.

Nevertheless after some pondering, the words of life “Let not my will be done but yours.” Finally, surrendering and accepting the moment, peace delivered and so was Jesus. God’s spirit took over only after Christ removal of personal desires. God gave more with less and “Drove the car,” to eternal life. With resistance, you fight yourself and you’ll lose every time. In saving self, you lose because of the belief, of always expecting more. Demonstrations of virtue was Jesus’ mission and should be for all of us. However at the time of reckoning even he desired more life. Now I ask, how powerful is the Ego?

My wife’s a Christian and so is Bev.

christian-crossMost my family and friends are Christians. I have extensive knowledge of Christianity and write about it a great deal. Debra phoned Bev later after telling me their story, both were still in state of spiritual shock I’m pretty sure. They made it!  By the grace of God, they made it! You see Tao gives life. Its only function. When you let go you have life. This doesn’t always mean more life on earth, but eternal life. When you are not afraid of dying you live. Tao brings calm no matter the situation. Both their children were in the car, those women knew this. I did not. Each praying, “God save my child, not me but my child.”

God heard their silence and “Drove the Car.” This I believe.

Invisible Dragon