Translated by Dr.Mikhail Nikolenko

Make emptiness in yourself complete and achieve the full calm!

Let everything around you move by itself.

Let everyone bloom spiritually and advance to cognition of their true Essence.

Those who cognizant their true Essence — achieve full calm.

Thus they attain the common Abode of All Who Attained.

One’s presence in this Abode has to become constant.

He, who fulfilled this, is called Enlightened,

Perfect, possessing the Higher Wisdom.

Those Who attained that Abode represent the United “We”

which is the Highest Ruler.

That Abode is also called the Sky.

This is the Abode of Eternal Tao.

Tao is non-corporeal

It cannot be caught by anyone. Thus, It is invincible.

As bucket fills with water, so does life. As bucket becomes empty so do life. True natural of things; life and death, and again. Always an end to things as beginning defines it so. Tao has not beginning nor end. The wise seek its unbiased counsel for understanding in all matters.

As rain will surely be followed by sunshine, so too life situations; they come and go. Sapient in constant of change one does not become overwhelmed.

Realizing every ending has new beginning, the Sage remain calm amongst the storm. Circle of life inside Tao, stay centered inside Tao, and you will be wise.”

Invisible Dragon