In the year 2000 a fellow coach said to me, “Rob, you are never happy.” I said, What? His observation was based upon his 3 years in my company. The revelation finally bubbling up to his vocal cords to ring a deafening sound to my ears. My ‘What’ response was not because a preconceive threat of ego, but amazement of his candor. Nevertheless, I was taken back and his statement was never far from my consciousness after that day.

Our face reflects obvious signs of internal demons but we are not acute to them. Stealth techniques we employ do not work, pain visually obvious; read easily as a GPS. Consequently, you begin a life long campaign of hide and seek. I have found its extremely painful hiding from one’s self.

What Happiness is Not?

Stay clear of people who continue to press external happiness solutions, no matter who they are. Mom/Dad, best friend, Pastor, Rabbi whoever. There’s nothing outside of you that brings a state of being, which is happiness. Not my meditation, or your cross around your neck, can do that. Happiness is not a emotion. Its a state of being, a spiritually-balanced person in a world of constant change.

My experience has proven, people who truly help are very well-balanced. Balance in spirituality, morals, and virtues are prerequisites to a supportive person. They are not extreme in religious practice, or consumed with egotistical motives. People who possess lower consciousness bring lower support if any, be careful who you listen to. Regardless of titles possessed or years of association.

Heal yourself.

Happiness or Personal Peace as I some time call it is, “A state of being developed by awareness of the connection with my Source.” Self-discovery, the most courageous exercise I have ever undertaken in my life. At the core of my unhappiness, was the absence of a clear definition of “Happiness?” When I found my definition, I eventually embraced my true nature. I can not give you a definition of your happiness, you must explore inside personally.

There’s one constant, “Change.” Life constantly evolves and fear comes with what appears unstable. The source of my Personal Peace never changes. I am maintaining happiness by embracing and accepting change. Happiness encompasses my relationship with Tao and sustains my growth. Living spiritually with Tao reminds me to seek balance in my life in all things. Good or unfavorable.  My day brings rain and sunshine, I accept this reality.

Steps to Happiness.

  1. Accept your unhappiness, be realistic, stop the foolishness.

  2. Seek internal solution, only you can untangle your mess.

  3. Guidance from your own experiences your best teacher.

  4. Get support from people who truly raise your consciousness.

    (No wannabes) No matter who they are. Be bold!

  5. Stay balance with your spirituality. Never becoming to far left or right.

I do not guide a person to Taoism. So its not listed as a step, its a part of my path. You may have the same or different. However, I wish you peace no matter the vehicle you ride in.

Invisible Dragon