I have begun to record information in the way which I live. A map or guide you could say of what I have discovered about my true self. These are brief explanations. Some are past behaviors with improvements, some are new. These words below are true and honest as my experiences dictated.

How about Me?

First and foremost, I take care of my true self, lest I perish. Denial of oneself is the road to self-destruction. A false me can not aid anyone. If I must deny you, to be me, this will be chosen. I would rather love by truth then false love with deception. Also, my soul can not be given to anyone, lest I forget who I am. We may join spirits together to create, but my soul is my own.

I will not deny caring for myself to become co-dependent with anyone. This activity only limits access to my true self and weaken me. Nevertheless, giving mutually is most inviting and beneficial because everyone becomes enhanced by the experience.

How about you?

My wife, children, siblings, friends, (Africa) my cat, live inside my circle of life. Taking time to care for them strengthens me and them. These relationships requires honesty and truthfulness. This is a must! Lies and deceit will damaged the relationship and render it useless. Nevertheless, I have present relationships that continue down this road of self-trickery.

A person not true to themselves; follies are visible from miles away. However, I will not break the rule of honesty and truthfulness to pleasure them. I give a dependable person in me; someone surely they could count on in any situations. My actions are who I am.

Who are You?

Treating people outside my circle requires respect also, which is in my true self. In interactions I seek respect and harmony with them. If respect is not return, harmony will not be achieved. Consequently, I do not treat disrespect with disrespect, I simply retreat to a space and leave them, peacefully. What may appear hard can only sometimes be guided with softness.

I love and treasure relationships of all kind. The openness to my heart does come with security measures. Until I have experience with such person I am on guard against emotions defining the relationship. In my past poor decisions have been made with this unsound technique. Knowing my true self and following the map of my experiences keep life’s situations in proper perspective, today.

This a few of my guidelines. My life to be continue…

Invisible Dragon