“Never Could Have Made it.”

This past Sunday I attended church with my wife. (Rock Christian Church, DeKalb, Illinois) As mentioned in previous entries its a place that provides communion with friends. Well, this past Sunday Praise and Worship sung a rendition of “Never Could have Made It,” I have heard this song before and it did not have a impact on me. However, the petite sister who sung it, “Nearly broke my back.”

Emotions; so deceptive, I recoil with the slightest hint of them. Consequently, my sunglasses made their way into my hands, a preemptive action as this sister went ‘Maliha Jackson.’ Floods of spirit,  emotions, somehow stealth their way into me, without permission I assure you. Before long into this song I realized, ‘I was caught up!’ Like a insect lured by a Venus Fly trap, I was being devoured, did not even know it.


As I started to realize what was happening, a struggle began with these intrusive feelings.  A Hurricane of Singing. My reaction, get out, save yourself, break free. But the more I struggled the deeper my snare entrapped me. Hold on, what cha got there, slow down, sister, this what I’m thinking. I was caught in that thang, helpless, you understand me? Feeling helpless, I gave way to what was happening. Praise and Worship, alone with this sister transferred spirit to me. “Singing my Life on stage through this sister.”

Never could I put in song spirit of testimony like she did. I listen to quite a few gospel songs, Fred Hammond, Kurt Franklin, etc on my ipod.  Song transfer spirit to me all the time, however, I control time and place. They did it without my invitation or permission. Its like someone slipping money in your pocket, but you recoil at first, thinking something is being removed from your pocket. It was a mystery unfolded before my spirituality.

Great Spirit.

Marvelous was it. I did not put on my sunglasses. I rode the song out with grace and contentment, without interference from myself or anyone in church. Let Go, Let God. This happened  this past Sunday.  Tao, wherever I am; among family, Christians, friends, and song. I enjoyed myself immensely being part of something I could not control. I will put this song on my gospel CD after recommendation of the Praise and Worship team.

(By the way I didn’t cry.)



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