Just a few things I have heard on the journey.

“If only you listen to me, your life would be better.”

“ God, Allah, Jesus, Tao will take away all your worries.”

“You see that’s why its important to get a college education.”

“Money, if only I had more money, or parents with money”

“Tomorrow just hold on for tomorrow.”

“Buy my book or get the CD.”

“Once enlighten crooked roads become straight in a snap.”

“Who better to teach then someone who has gone through it.”

“He/She has been called to preach.”

“Spiritual enlightenment in 90 days, guaranteed!”

Why do we relinquish responsibility to personal development to someone who profess to make it easier? Releasing all responsibilities to gurus, preachers, ministers, masters and anyone with a smooth delivery or who just looks like us. Life becomes confusing, difficult or unmanageable and we toss the life preserver into the waters. “Search and Rescue.”

Looking for others or something to sooth the pain, to navigate chopping waters. To tell a story which makes you go to sleep, like a child afraid of the dark. Requesting Mom to make it better so she tell a bedtime story and instant relief. The fear subsides; until Mom begins to exit, and the child says, “Leave the light on.”

Honest self-development comes from within, within silence, within stillness. With your experiences being the best teacher. Discovering your true nature by way of non-interference. Allowing what can not be manipulated by the five senses to create experiences that grow you as a person.

Take some times from busy schedule, parents friends and journey inside yourself.

You might find something.

Invisible Dragon