I am going to say much without saying anything. If you are a close friend then you understand what can not be said. You are aware of my legal situation and know anything that I say could be used against me. Normally, I would have posted by 7:59am. I apologized for being tardy.

The Invisible Dragon accurately and truthfully records his personal and spiritual journey. The path away from the conditioned mind of egotism, selfishness and a host of survival techniques that made me imbalanced. The Dragon does not look upon the path for pitfalls or enlightenment. Its a path.

Women of Skekinah

“Naked and Not Ashamed”

I requested a moment from First Lady Tracey Wright this past Sunday to speak to the Women of Shekinah. A group of women who privately I adore. Its the only group that gives me love and which I found myself comfortable enough to cry with. I have men who privately will do anything for me, however, to date; if my memory serves me correctly, one brother has cried in front of me privately in 25 years. When I become emotional with men, some time there after I think, maybe I should not have done it.

Its hard to cry to men. They don’t get it naturally. (That’s another story for a later date.)

My presentation centered on forgiveness and the power of prayer. I had come to throw myself upon their unconditional love. A love that I feel is established for my family and I. After a brief emotional moment explaining my reasoning it collapsed into a blitz of praying and worshiping. A true delight, however, this delight would have been repelled just a few months ago.

Experiences developed who I am. Looking at them in a negative or positive way creates duality for me. In which I become attached and trapped in a orgy of mental interpretations. Good or not good. There both the same, both exist for me while I am here. Its the contract of life for a celestial being hosted inside this temporary body.  I accept the bad and the good. However I know which are illusions. They are not my true nature, nevertheless; I must live with them on occasions.

Void of my worst days,

how would I know God?

If never down how do I rise.

Holy Spirit, what say you teach me?

Tears, seeds; true nature blossom.

Inside womb of God, molded by fire

Labor pains of new life

Terribly painful.

I cry.

A child must be born.

Women of Shekinah

Thank you so much, may God continue to bless your leadership and members,

I have known Tracey Wright since 1987 She has become a woman of inclusion.

The group has not a shield one must conquer to receive Love.

The strength of the group lies with its core members…




Betty Wright






to name just a few.

Invisible Dragon