1. I Love Gospel Music.

  2. My Son Daron is the Light of my eye.

  3. Its hard saying “No” to wife & daughters.

  4. Have passion for friendship.

  5. Love coaching youth football.

  6. Funny women are attractive.

  7. Trust women in tough spots more then men.

  8. Fred Hammond favorite gospel singer.

  9. My buddy Al Owens very funny. (Looking!)

  10. Writing, I adore writing. (I keep a paper journal also)

  11. If terminally ill would want Niq to care for me.

  12. Sunsets, Love ’em.

  13. I love my cat “Africa” like my children.

  14. Don’t like feel good movies.

  15. My wife’s my best friend.

  16. My wife’s best friends are my best friends.

  17. I am secret member in Women of Shekinah.

  18. Friends who deliver timely jokes in a timely fashion. (Priceless!)

That’s all for now.

Invisible Dragon