Bryon Katie had the greatest impact upon me to seek spirituality and eventually Taoism. Her program “The Work” introduced my responsibility for my pain. The Work instructs one to look inside and question our thoughts. After practicing The Work I soon purchased her book “Loving What Is.”loving-what-is2

The book helped me understand how to accept life on life’s terms. 90% of my personal anguish was I did not like the hand dealt. I did not accept it, although it was reality. I believe I controlled everything in my life.  You do not control anything but your thoughts. This white lady got me to understand my perceived control was an illusion. Its your thoughts that make you unhappy and frustrated.

There are many Zen stories that illustrate this so well. You continuously run thoughts over and over again.

Damn that was painful.

After reading “Loving What Is” I read her book “A Thousand Names for Joy.”bryon-katie9

This book alone with a foreword from Stephen Mitchell started me to look into Taoism. Katie uses the Tao 81 verses to give practical living guidance. It is well written and I recommend both books for self-discovery.

A hero to me.

Invisible Dragon