black-woman-fed-up2Are you in agony with a man who may suffer from depression? In the height of my depression my wife begone to lose hope. Lost hope for the marriage, my health and ultimately my life. All relationships have the natural ebb and flow of differences.

Women in relationships with men who have  depression live in constant turmoil. Men don’t want to believe the warning signs. Research suggests between 30-50 percent of couples experiencing marital problems have one partner with depression.

Male depressive symptoms.

  • Violent or abusive behavior

  • Inappropriate rage

  • Escapist behavior, such as over involvement in work or sports

  • Risky behavior, such as reckless driving

  • Sexual liaisons

  • Alcohol or substance abuse

  • More frequent thoughts of suicide

The man’s behavior and dismissive attitude about such symptoms create vicious battle scars. Scars so deep the woman may accept, “He can’t be reached.” “I have to let him go, I love him, but I’m done.” My close call and my desire to be healthy reversed what surely would have been a divorce.

How Depression affects marriage and relationships? My wife and I was angry at each other all the time. There were moments of bliss, but the undercurrent did not allow it to continue. All the hugging, crying and praying could not treat my depression, my wife learned this the hard way.angry-black-man1

If a man does not want help, how long do you stay? What are the ways to get him to see its more then just the”Blues.” Men are stubborn; some all the way to their grave.

Do you stay or do you go?