tough-neighborhoodA tough upbringing molded a young boy into a football star. Overcoming the lures of gangs, drugs and crime he was focused; NFL or bust. A dream realized, a dream ended to soon. The streets he ran from now were calling him back. Drugs he hated; now his friend. Where did it go wrong? His mind surrounded by uncertainty soon deteriorated into darkness.

Dormant and overshadowed by athletic achievements depression now revealed itself. Chronic drug addiction, organized crime and violence fitted his former bronze body now. Could he overcome something he could not see? A silent demon unable to be tackled by his hands. Will he hear the cheers again? A federal inmate at Terre Haute, Indiana prison camp he contemplates, how to win the game of  life.

Follow the unbelievable journey of former 2 Time All-American, professional football player Robert Williams. Read as he becomes one of the best football players in his college history. Watch a promising NFL career come to a crashing halt and the demise of a once talented young man become lost in a sea of mental illness.

We’ll trace his humble upbringing, one of six siblings to a single mother from Chicago’s south side, as he becomes the first family member to graduate from high school and attend college. A story filled with ups and downs, unpredictable behavior, fueled by clinical depression. Come alone as he fight demons that returned him to the place he hated most, himself.

Big Boys Do Cry, My Life & Death with Depression.
by Robert Williams



Ann Williams

Where’s the Honor in being Poor?

Religion, “Get that Hocus Pocus out of my face.

Why Do my Sister Runaway?

No Weed for me, Thank You.

My Father’s Death, No time to Cry.

Football, Day Night, in my Sleep.

College Football, Ego & Sex, oh yea class.

NFL, Did I make it?

Stephanie  Cocaine and Me.

Death of a Matriarch, Goodbye Mother.

A Storm Approaches.

Depressed? No I’m just not Feeling Well.

Living the Lie.

It Ain’t stealing if you don’t get Caught.

If I’m Dead, Why in the Hell am I Still Breathing?

FBI, Secret Service, Federal Prison.

Lifting the Veil, Treating my Depression.

Taoism, Spirituality & God.

I Got my Mojo Back!

Helping others, Education, Blogging, Public Speaking.

This is the book I am working on.  Coming Soon.