I have been a Invisible Dragon while working on A Way Out.  Although absent, I am more in depth with Taoism.  Relationships are such a source for inner development.

“He who has no faith in others shall find no faith in them.” Lao Tzu


I have never had much faith with teamwork in the real world.  In athletic yes, it was instantaneous to see a teammates’ work ethics.  His commitment.  Dedication to the cause, winning.

Previously in my life, I witnessed no such thing , many thought only for themselves. I was one  for years.  Stealing to improve my family’s way of life was not a noble cause.  Its stealing.  The end never justifies the mean.

I’ve relinquished my expertise in cyber theft months ago.  Its tougher now material wise, but not spiritual.  The removal furbished a new belief in humanity and faith in Tao and myself.


How does one find peace in Hell?  There’s no Hell.  The Tao teaches change.  “It shall pass” as the seasons rotate so does life.

Change makes life worth living.

The Invisible Dragon