man-on-road1My road to self discovery remains vacant of much company. One who requires fellowship best be served by alternate means of enlightenment. Tao foreign to my contemporaries receives not a whisper of dialogue.

Removal of past habits, thoughts and theories has created a stranger in his own land. Egotism, thievery, addiction engages more conversation then enlightenment. In the US salvation remain exclusive only to Christianity. My Taoism tossed aside as a reminder of previous untrustworthy endeavors.

Society values ‘What a Man Can Do,’ not ‘Who He Is.’ A psyche may become strained under such a dilemma.  The chase to be something possess  many societal minds and the not-hurried appears weak, without strength. The crazed-robot puzzled by a seemly lack of fortitude to be ‘Something’ rejects the person spirit as lacking.  A outcast.outcast

If salvation secured by popular Western theologies, my acceptance would certainly be an afterthought.  By now, I would be condemning others of taking the wrong path to God, as I myself am held prisoner to.

Tao requires no beliefs, customs, or traditions to memorize and practice. Only strength to know ‘Who I Am’ and the perseverance to stay the course. To seek truth in all matters, regardless of status quo, to freely give regardless of perceived differences. To help someone to their peaceful road.

Alone or with many.

Invisible Dragon