pic-peaceful-babyA Peaceful Life gifted to me while immortal. By God no less. However, birth contained no instructions to this glorious prize. The perceived illusion paved with unspeakable turmoil

…and God, oh remained silent.

Covetousness, Ego and Self-Ignorance cocooned my life. I feasted upon the delicacies of worldly Gods. My instruction, feed me more!

Belly like woman with child, mouth watering with thoughts of gratification. Defense of my monstrous’ appetite defended with hate, pride and last but not least No-Self-Happiness.

Yes! No-Self-Happiness, the belief that my happiness was someone’s job, their responsibility. My wife? Get to work. Friends you said something that hurt my feelings, You’re Fired!


Career did not go as plan, shipped off to a third world country. Its the world’s fault I’m like I AM. It failed me.

…and God, oh remained silent.

Reversal of fortune,

The hidden disease unraveled my spirit. Mind, Body and Soul cancerous. The food of earthly Gods poisoned. I have dined upon myself.

The deception complete if I would just rest and die. Painfully excruciating; death while alive. Publicly disgraced, status tarnished however, death do not come. What a cruel irony required to complete a Peaceful Life. By God no less.

As my appetite for fruits of earthly Gods remove slowly; my mind clears. Strength increases for the road ahead. As with journey to death, odyssey to life alone.

…and Tao, oh remained silent.