An Asian woman explained this phenomenon on the radio.  “No matter what happens in America buying a car will fix it.”  She described how no matter what transpires, buying a car was the “Genie in the Bottle.”  I never thought about how we’re palms in the world of illusions.opitcal-illusion

A stream of Reality-TV saturates our minds. In the seconds between, Dog the Bounty Hunter, America Idol, The Next Great Model worthless infomercials are injected into our veins.  After several mind numbing hours, the operation complete, “Its Alive!”  Frankzilla, Baby!

Its as if we’re eager to be part of this horrible carnival act.  We do not covet deep-thoughts but only to repeat what’s vogue.  Not bold enough to step outside the vice-grip we call cultural norms, political correctness, moral fiber.

peaceful-mindSimilar mental hijacking comes also with journey to your Source.  A constant repetitive signal of useless and uninformative guidance to God.  The reluctance to step outside blocks the inner gift that ultimately we seek; a relationship with God.  A Rabbi, Iman or Minister can not provide this for you.

Why does God need a spokesperson anyway?  I have never believed such mediators are necessary.  Those are self-hired positions.  Never relinquish your autonomy to find God.  Which is inside you.

The path to God is like a fingerprint; no two are alike.  Salvation brings harmony not constant turmoil, conflict and agitation.  You become agitated when tongue comes without wisdom to your spirit.

I warrant spiritual guides in my life, they may be called Preachers, Buddha, Rabbi, but they are not ‘My Source to God.’   If you do not have boldness to challenge your troubled spirit.

There’s a problem with the message and messenger.  You.

The Invisible Dragon