woman-on-bed2A few things about women to share.  I had several intimate relationships throughout my life, playing sport had privileges.

Women are complex as I seem to never figure out my wife at times.  Listed below some time-proven techniques that a man should employ, especially married men.

Married men fall into the trap of she must like it we’re still doing it.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Women love creativity, the same rusty-ass feet don’t make it for her.  Your bravado has long left you, you’re a mannequin, unimaginative.

Spice it up bro.  Mentally stimulate her before you touch her.  Chemistry of Love can be felt across a crowed room.

Can’t miss Love Techniques.

1.  Get a manicure and pedicure occasionally.  The anticipation of a woman to a man who care about their hands and feet, mouth watering.  Professionally done nails, soft feet, its a rap.dragon-woman3

2.  Colognes are made with chemicals that interact with the air.  Know if yours clashes with the atmosphere.  Stop slapping on old Spice and shouting; “Let’s Get This Party Started.”

3.  Shine your shoes.  Agh!!! look at those dusty steppers.  Shoes; the first thing a woman looks at.  Don’t believe me; ask.

4.  Don’t wear underwear; ever.  Elementary you should have learned this in the 80’s.

5.  Always have a few great looking suits.  No Jackson 5 clown crap.  Traditional colors never go out of style, Navy Blue, Charcoal Black, Black, Grey. (Make sure your belt and shoes match.)

If none of this works for you keep getting her drunk.

The Invisible Dragon


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