namaste1A fellow blogger greet with the phrase Namaste. It translate to: “I honor the place in you where we are all one.”

This phrase says to me, maintain your true nature in your interactions and silence. That true nature is kindness.

I’ve lived a lifetime of competition. My vocabulary filled with battle cries. “Go Hard,” “Never die” e.g.

Obvious now illusions, there is no fight for life.

When one feel the nature of battle this is contrary to Tao. You stay on guard against what’s perceived as enemies. A constant state of “aggressive readiness” Fighting to the end to keep a position of opinion. This constant readiness draws energy away from your spirit.

Republicans/Democrats, Jews/Arabs, Black Extremists/White Extremists all have opinions they fight to keep. A constant state of “aggressive readiness.” They don’t understand Namaste.namaste2

If they saw the true nature of their perceived opponents; opinions would change. Peace would be a reality. Instead of smoke in the air.

Watch how you talk to yourself, I say this to myself a lot. The thoughts of battle translate to words and those words translate to action.

“I have an enemy” comes from judging someone’s action, perception and demeanor.

These misaligned thoughts draws energy away from the spirit. We can’t see their true nature and we can’t see ours. We don’t honor the place in others where we are all one. You’re fighting yourself.

Halt judging yourself and this will help you not to judge others. Try to limit, battle thoughts, “I failed,” “I’m worthless.”   Those are fighting words.


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