chains-of-slaveryAs I regain my freedom. The reflection of my capture renders a expose.  Mental slavery only exist with a willing partner.

I was such a participant.  Below some of my former slave masters.

Success: Striving to be the absolute best.  Each attempt to grasp success eludes us ever so closely.

Synthetic success crafted by unwise elders, cultural norms and egotistical ambitions drive one unmercifully.

After years of striving and never arriving the rouse decipherable.

The world’s definition of success can never be accomplished. Its the carrot and the horse trick.

Disappointment by Others: As a child one learns to depend on external forces. Our primary caregivers were literally life and death. However, during maturation we transferred that dependency to secondary relationships.sadness-pose-woman

Girlfriends/boyfriends became lifelines. Best friends receive covert instructions not to betray us.

We blame others for our unhappiness.  People have disappointed us in the past so we don’t trust the future.

Expectations: We pray for something in return, we give for something in return. However, when expectations are not met; anger, hate and years of resentment consumes our mind.

An inability to give without expecting creates selfishness; enslavement. Hoarding over everything you posses, cautions not to give nothing away of valve.

Attachment: To husbands/wives/children/possession e.g. cements our possible life sentence. Earth and everything in it is temporary. We’ll all move alone one day.  We squeeze the life out of people because of our over zealous fear of abandonment. It prevents freedom; we’re self captured prisoners.

black-white-maskTo live free takes courage. The will to stand up to long held beliefs. These beliefs may be religious, cultural, societal, but either way; they’re the source of our mental slavery.

Never permitting one to live without fear of failure, disappointment of others, expectations and attachments.

Freedom is the personal responsibility to unchain yourself from these illusions. Your freedom is inside you.

Nevertheless as with slavery as with freedom; you must be a willing partner.

The Invisible Dragon


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