nature A life which has no meaning, has no story.  This was my realization once.  I had lost hope and stayed in a concrete fortress of stress and pain.

My passion was not to have passion.  Only persistence thoughts about how to control life energized my senses.

To figure out ways to bring happiness to this nightmarish thing I referred to as living.

Moral or immoral, good or evil means I did not care.

Insanity took me down one road to another, all ending with the same sign—“No Exit.”  When we’re lost in the world of illusions we make one poor decision after another.

Always with the hope of triumph we forged ahead into another wall.  This can play out for years.  I’m a personal testimony to the phenomenon.

In this stupor one loses a will to live but has acquired a fear of dying.  It almost believable that your life won’t work out.

Reciting self-defeating thoughts like a merry-go-round.  A form of spirit which kills attempts by others to help guide you to the light.

Can’t let go.  Must control your life.

To find peace in the world of make believe, Let Go!  Immediately we think; is it that easy?  No it is not.  The quest for inner peace takes strength and perseverance.waterfall2

Anyone who suggest a phrase will make you whole deceive themselves.

Toxic thoughts and actions took me to the brink of physical death in 2005.  My mind made the transformation years ago.

I was simply waiting to fall over from a cocaine-stressed heart-attack.

Taoism, non-toxic thoughts and actions continues to bring my life back to its true nature. A nature void of the madness of dream chasing, control, attachment and discontentment.

I’ve been working on myself since 2005 nearly four years.  We change our lives when we change our mind.  Letting go of desires to control everything was my biggest hurdle.

Stress has become a whisper in my mind.  Even while the economic times affects me like others; I find peace in its beauty.

Tao, silence and mediation gives me not comfort from the storm, but acceptance of the storm.

sunset The storm reflects what we think of it, that’s the power of peace.  We’re stronger then imagined.

Listen to the language of God; silence.  Still your mind from the constant noises of persistent thought.

Practice sitting alone.  Not praying for a solution to the storm.

But accepting the storm and marvel at its waves of creation.  And soon storms will be a thing of beauty.  Subtract and you add.  Add and you subtract.

The Invisible Dragon