leadership3-thumb.jpg Leadership e.g., One who takes a road less-traveled to give faith to the faithless. Supreme Leadership e.g., One who guides others to travel whatever road they choose.

Supreme leadership requires the wisdom of a higher spirit, a celestial mental state of wisdom and compassion.

A spirit that’s never authoritarian and aggressive. Its a summer breeze unseen which has great impact upon the faces of many.

Boosting is unfamiliar with supreme leadership, this form of jargon separates and creates jealousy. The celestial mind welcomes evil and good. Seeing each as the same. alliswell

It refrains from preconditions of favor, garnishing no animosity to ones who dismiss it. The task of the supreme leader is not to lead, but to follow The Great Way.

The Tao has no customs, traditions and preconceived behaviors to prove one’s worth. Under sun and moon Tao reminds that all are equal.

A supreme leader understand the way of least-resistance, trampling not upon others for the sake of being called leader. Her mercy sooths and protects, giving only what’s needed and then retiring.

lead4 There’s no price to pay to sit in her company, no chants to recite. A supreme leader moves the heart of people with unconditional love.

This impacts far more then rehearsed words of grandeur; love-less words always falls to earth and die on unfertilized soil.

The Tao and the Supreme Leader are one, as well as all under the heavens.

Guiding others to find their true natural is all it does; returning all to their original celestial state of being.

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