Individuality has become a religion. Cliquish sayings like “I’m doing me,” “This is just the way I am” almost sound biblical.

Ego commandeers hundreds of consciousness and creates a perfect cyborg of “Me-ness.”  Treasure seeking and worldly acknowledgments isolates the heart.

Catastrophic event unite us just for moment, soon after, we are off; back to our illusions.  To work together takes understanding-that we are together. The illusion of separateness comes from man’s pride to have more then others.

By accomplishing more, we raise our cup higher in the toast, we set a degree between us.  Our quest for the elusive title of “Unique or Special,” comes from self, not from God.

A major obstacles remains in healing thy soul, for one can not connect with God and be apart from Man.

The eternal one connects us all, ego preaches separation, you decide.