the journey

rays of sunlight perch the cosmos

life becomes agitated motion

a unquenchable lust emerge

for a clandestine lover


Delilah impetuous, unswerving

her chest swells with fervor

steady the seductress

time begins and ends with her courtship


the bed fixed, my mind empty, love awaits

yet she intimidates, distress my aphrodisiac

a skillful, experienced lover

she devours mere mortal effortlessly


blinded by her scent

I accept the invitation

like wind pitched aimlessly

devotedness erase all doubts of my inevitability

her sultry mist intoxicates and digest

my amorously organ


as the fly

seduced by the ingenious

Venus fly trap

so am I, to my clandestine lover

my fluids, extracted painlessly

her ardor, matched only by Goddesses of ancient Greece

I welcome death again, to visit her…

—Robert Williams