home poem

rustled as a picture of tranquility

its scent of dried manure removes such hope

fields upon fields, subject less mirages

one found no pleasures in her plains


conceited, cocooned away

from the mighty Goliath; Chicago

empire of the North people

ruthless war mongers, murders, thieves

a metropolitan of despair


boasting of superior humbleness

people of DeKalb, feeds its majestic appetite

on empty wishes and hope

motivated by lifeless souls

a belly able to burst


a enemy has come from within

born of hate, a simmering hate

merciless, the dreaded beast

lay dormant in hearts

until summons by selfishness

conceit, pride, envy


as it devour without mercy

echos of the fallen ring out

we were so much better then

the people of the North

much better


–Robert Williams’

Delusion of Love