god, rain, sun impartial

life has no family members

without reason it creates

her journey


birth lives in it, also death

its full, but yet empty

a perfect cycle, no beginning

no ending


it holds no proof of existence

reasoning brings no closure

to its power

a perfect ebb and flow


fear, panic consumes mind

who wish to control her, to extract

pleasure for themselves

mastery of heaven

rest not with its creation


as the newborn,

you feed not yourself

heaven supplies all

it gives and takes

without reason


In our desire to control life, we become slaves to reasoning. Acts of existence, require one to quantify their meaning?   Unlike the beast who requires no understanding for rain that quenches its thirst, we inquire why?

Incessantly obsessed, our waking hours flooded with thoughts:  “When does heaven brings her gifts or her pain” For if I know, I may find  peace, as Aztec’ worshipers believed as such, as all of man has.  Peace does not come from acts of kindness or harshness, or knowing for which horizon they approach.

Peace can be achieved, by believing in the only true constant, change.  For change, remains perfect, things come, things go.  Night, day, rain and sun are tools of learning for us. They have without  cause produce their existence perfectly.

Study the poem and passage, find understanding for your life in them. See that we are a part of the universe, we have no power above it. As the beast of the land, the flower in the valley, become harmonized with the unexplainable.

—Robert Williams

The Invisible Dragon