A journey of personal contentment, humbleness, wisdom, can be daunting. The restructure of spirit may take several months, most likely years. Personally my journey began in August 2005, I have witnessed growth, setbacks and re-evaluation on a daily bases.

The evolution requires deeply committed energy, unobstructed by external factors. e.g. marriage, employment, relationships

My salvation rested with me, this I understood clearly, refusing since youth to turn it over to spiritual men of the cloth. A higher spiritual consciousness, attracts and consumes my faith, a faith guided by my experiences.

Support guidance not taken lightly, I decided upon guidelines one would have to possess for me to entertain listening to their speech. Its my mortal life, its my eternal life, and I have the keys to it, I choose to open the door to whomever.


My 5 Spiritual Leadership Guidelines


(1) Love

It would be their cornerstone, not in words, but actions. There would be no question of their compassion, stewardship and far-reaching desires to help all of men, not just ones that satisfies their agenda.


(2) Ego-less

Traces of arrogance, harshness, does not come from their lips. You would not have a feeling that you must impress them, or somehow could disappoint them. You welcome their company, not altering your behaviors to fit their lofty expectations.


(3) Hand-offs

Effective growth can only be shepherded in by leading without strong hands. Guiding one passively to find their own strength, allowing them to choose their road.  Invisible leaders, who do not feel the compulsion to control everything and everybody.


(4) Fear used as a tactic

Fear is the oldest and most useless formula to lead people. If it accompany instructions, such leader lack personal discipline and wisdom. They create monsters consistently, so your thoughts and behaviors may be controlled from a distance.


(5) The leader trust no one, and no one trust them

A mutual sense, that something amiss, not spoken but felt. When such atmosphere exist, no growth will come through it, none. The people have no true voice in the matters of their own spiritual salvation.


If someone says something that goes against my reasoning and common sense, I don’t do it. Relinquishing my freedom to choose will never become a prerequisite to keep anyone’s company.

I have the freedom,  I choose wisely.