“One can give nothing whatever without giving oneself-that is to say, risking oneself.

If one cannot risk oneself, then one is incapable of giving.”

“Next Time The Fire.”

james baldwin


If you are to gives someone freedom, release them.  To risk allowing one to find his or her own way, without your interfering.  As many species in nature release offspring into bitter desert or seas of uncertainty, life’s true gift to another; freedom.

The ego contend salvation may only be secured with your guidance and teaching, someone should laugh at loud.  Why do you not find God at the altar,? because standth in the way.

A valley that hides freedom from seekers, such a valley embodies death, destruction of spirit, lest say brotherhood.  A true nature spread equally the gift of life, not parlaying her gifts by design.

Risk being more then a performer, a actor, Hamlet.  Be Love.  More then rituals, traditions and empty slogans; possess a spirit which actually do what its created to do.