“Lao Tzu instructs that you must be empty in order to become fill, for attachments keep you so restricted that nothing can enter your already-filled self.”—Dr. Dwyer

To start a life anew, one needs to vanish long held beliefs and attachments that hold creativity to low energy.  If the mind is rooted in ego-centered thoughts, a new you will never manifest.

Fasting is a great way to begin a discipline of self-discovery, new thoughts and beliefs.

When one fast, its done not to deny pleasure, but to become intense in spirit by eliminating for a brief moment an activity.  Some fast in speech, not talking for a certain amount of time or altering diet, refraining from food.

It has been discover by fasting, we are able to concentrate on spiritual disciplines we wish to strengthen.  Fasting is not about denial, but invitation, greetings to a new a new way of seeing things or thinking.

It should not be painful, but pleasurable, a feeling of empowerment that you wish to revisit several times a year.

Fasting, a technique of spiritual empowerment requires a willing partner.  Discover who you are by going inside and discovering your true being, creating room for a new bottle to be filled.