“Be Happiness,” everyday.  Soar to new heights of Love and Joy with the sunrise. Empowered and positive from just being you, a positive magnet of Love: for the universe only send what you send it.

Your heart and mind cradling thoughts of sharing, giving, and forgiving. Not seeking to control anyone or anything, you are in perfect balance with the creator.

Be hope and faith, your stewardship, the best witness to the power of spirituality. For who walked your road better then you?

Release the desire to strive, to be the best, for one never will arrive at such a place. Where you are right now will always be, so “Be Contentment.”

Share company likewise with caring people, who desire not strife, anger and hate, for surely we are far from God with those thoughts. Be a gather of people, not a divider.

Find acceptance, and peace will be your God. Travel inside, so your days may be long and plentiful. Make no one your enemy, for when you have an enemy, you have yourself.

Fear comes from a unfaithful mind. Not truly a believer, one makes companion with turmoil, not trusting in the Great Way.

Seeking out other fallen angels for company, never seeing the good in all of God’s creation.  Relinquish a dark mind, relinquish your dark days.


“5 Be Happiness Steps”


Be your own Moral Authority

Trust in your wisdom and common sense. Follow your reasoning, and you’ll find your way. Others may have a different agenda for you, so be vigilant, trust God; which resides in your heart.


Build a Wisdom Map

Gather your life experiences, study them and make a positive wisdom map. Your best experience is your best teacher, leader and master. Trust your life that it may guide you, needing no interference from others. If you are angry all the time, you built the wrong map.


Release desire to control anyone or anything

Rest chronic pain and despair by allowing others the freedom to choose their way. A tornado of pain can subside by understanding “you are not God,” guide people to themselves and they will find their way to home.


Trust Tao will provide in due time

The Sun never doubts the moon, as rain never doubts dryness. All situations change, change is the only constant to have faith in. God is Change. Faith is God. Be content where you are, for God has you there for a reason.


Be Honest

No factor is more important to “Be Happiness” then honesty. When we deceive ourselves, we imprison our heart. A constant Broadway performance that the curtain will eventually come down on. No greater wall has been erected between God and us, then the one who can not look in the mirror.


I hope that this personal reflection on “Be Happiness” helps support your journey to self-discovery and spiritual growth. If you have ideals on positive steps you employ tell us about them, you never know who it may save.