“Our brains get a first impression of people’s overriding social signals after seeing their faces for only 100 milliseconds (0.1 seconds). Whether this impression is correct, however, is another question.

The researchers worked with 80 psychology students (65 women and 15 men) to analyze the differences between their cerebral hemispheres using the “divided visual field” technique, which is based on the anatomical properties of the visual system…” medical newstoday

My face keeps a somewhat dry posture and I get asked frequently, “Something bothering you,? I reply no why would you asked that? I understood from my personal feeling I was being misread, but now I understand from a neurological one.

“…happiness and surprise are processed faster than sadness and fear..People make deductions from the expressions on people’s faces. “These inferences can strongly influence election results or the sentences given in trials…” explains Aznar-Casanova.

The saying “your first impression is a lasting one” have proven merit. Going in for the job interview, dating, socializing, a happy disposition will create that happy smile.

So the next time you’re in traffic court, get off with a great big smile, unless you need dental work, in that case pay the fine online.