If weeds are present, the feet struggle for direction. A clear and pristine garden, void of debris and obstruction yields the best harvest. Obstacles delay self-discovery, wasted motions and affairs dim the light of truth.

Toll away at removing matters that create doubt and self-judgment. Vigilant as the Eagle, which watches its prey from above, be likewise attentive and focused, not losing sight of the unknown.

Uproot doubt with practice and repetition, speaking daily mantra of confidence and faith. Thanking God for what comes ahead, eliminating all acts of self-righteousness. Practice humility in everything, see greatness in everyone.

Stay above negatives, its energy steals strength from the Dragon. Give thanks to Tao, for it ask nothing and gives everything. The Way guides, below surface, to the immortal, the all-powerful changing worlds and heavens.

Lay in rest, your garden revels itself, in its own time. Clean your heart and soon you manifest nothing and gain everything. Give your harvest away and the Dragon files…

The Invisible Dragon